Sunday, July 24, 2011


The anchors we got tangled in and pulled aboard in Hiva Oa

Karen with drink in Hiva Oa

Dolphins playing in the bow wave between the islands in the Marquesas

Hole in the rock outside the bay at Fatu Hiva

Shrine where we found the wild mint and roses on the walk from the waterfall in Fatu Hiva

Copra (coconut meat) drying in a shed on Fatu Hiva. Exporting copra is a subsidized business in French Polynesia and we see these sheds a lot.

Karen and Jason next to a tiki statue at the new wharf in Omoa on Fatu Hiva

A huge colorful fish that seemed to have damaged fins. He floated around the boats in Fatu Hiva, and turned on its side to have a look at me.

The plant lady on Fatu Hiva. I helped another cruiser cart these trees in little pots back to his boat to take them to the Tuamotus to try to plant.

Dolphins in the bay with us in Fatu Hiva. A large pod swam in the bay, breeding and giving birth all week while we were there. We saw some tiny ones trying to jump and spin like the adults. So cute.

We traded rum for these bananas and some local lemons and pamplemousse/grapefruit. We later learned that the men we traded with were seen shit-faced drunk in town so we no longer trade for alcohol.

Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, our first landfall after leaving the Galapagos 22 days earlier. The view is spectacular, even if it wasn't sunny just then. This is a tiny but very deep bay for anchoring.

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