Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nomuka Iki and O'ua Tonga

The wreck on Nomuka Iki. Good shells here.

Tofanga sunset.

Rich, Jason and Jan on Nomuka Iki. We looked for the abandoned prison but didn't find it.

Nomuka Iki anchorage waters on a blustery day.

Jason with machete chasing a crab on the beach

Local boys who swam out from O'ua. The middle one, Freddie, is dragging a huge bundle of pandanus leaves with him. They use the leaves for weaving all sorts of things after the salt water has softened and bleached them out. Why he swam the 1/2 mile out to YOLO trailing them behind him is beyond me. He didn't speak English. Just climbed aboard the boat and stood there wiggling his eyebrows til he jumped back off and swam away.

The bunch of bananas the boys on O'ua brought us. We gave them a couple of t-shirts. Of course, these green bananas all ripened at the same time so we had banana bread, banana muffins, banana pancakes......

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