Tuesday, March 11, 2014

YOLO in Admiral Bay, Malaysia

Admiral Bay was a marina stop on the way up the west coast of Malaysia.  Here Jason pretends to climb a wall during an activity day where we went through some 'team building' exercises.
Jason checking on sail trim on the way up the Malacca Strait.
X marks the spot with contrails in the sky.
We went to an athletic field where groups of young folks were playing traditional games.  This one was blow darts.  I couldn't even get the dart to reach the board.  Here, Jason is readying his bamboo pipe to blow the dart at a target.
Karen on the stilts.  I got the hang of it but the ground was soft and I eventually did a face plant!
We stopped for lunch at a "homestay", where locals entertained us with traditional music and dance while we ate.  These are some of the greeters.  Cool hats, eh?
On arrival, we were all treated to a fresh coconut drink.  I really like coconut water!  It's very refreshing. 
A lunch platter for four.  We all sat on the ground in groups of four for lunch.  No shoes allowed in the area.
Hard boiled eggs dressed up as flowers were gifts to each of us.
Jason creating a faux pas, stepping over the food.  But at least he didn't have shoes on.
Jason trying to play the gamelon gongs.
Marina off of Kailani, eating the soft gel-like coconut after she finished drinking the coconut water.  Good stuff.  So many times we just throw the coconut away after drinking because we don't have a way to crack it open.  At this luncheon, a man stood by with a machete and cut open the coconuts for us to eat if we brought them back to him.
Chinese graves on a hillside.  The semi-circular formations are Chinese, where the Muslims build tiled rectangles and point the graves to Mecca.  The Chinese often build elaborate decorations and burn lots of 'gifts' made of paper and wood  to represent things you'd want the deceased to enjoy in the afterlife.  The ancestors are set on a hill looking down on the living so they can keep an eye out for the living.
The reception at the marina.  That's watermelon, dragonfruit, and what I'd call pound cake the kids are after.

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