Sunday, July 9, 2017

Road trip 2017

We left MI and headed south to Florida to get our residency finalized there and pick up our accumulated mail.  We also wanted to see some old cruising friends there that hadn't left yet to escape the heat.  Mike and Sue on their catamaran, Jus' Now, were the first cruising couple we met when we started.  Mike and Jason rescued another yacht that was dragging anchor and we've been friends ever since.  They took us to lunch at Ford's Garage, a popular spot in Punta Gorda.  I loved how they burned the name into the burger bun!

 And the old car and other memorabilia made this a very interesting lunch stop for me.
 Sue and Mike as we wait for our burgers at Ford's Garage.  They are very gracious hosts.
 After a day of touring around, we had to stop at the Tiki Bar Beach for a drink.  Sue in one of the colorful beach chairs on the beach in the middle of town.

 Karen at the Tiki Beach Bar. This is my new Facebook picture, too.  The waterway really does come all the way to the fence in the background.
 Mike and Jason having one of many deep discussions.
 We went all the way to the end of Pine Island where Mike bought some soft shelled crabs.  This old shack is at the end of the road, and then some.  It sits right on the water and boats offload their catches for sale here.
 The string of floats like a necklace on the side of the faded painted trailer.
 Looking out at the gulf waters from the seafood dock. Sanibel is across the water.
 The stuff hanging on the walls was quite the collection of crabbing materials.
 I liked the 'hole in the tree' that had been cut for power wires.
 A mango tree along the road and canal, loaded with ripening fruit. I actually picked a low-hanging one after knocking on a door to ask for permission. No one home, but I couldn't resist just one.
 The canal view here.
 I noticed a nice mango-picking stick, so this guy knows how to get to the higher fruit in the tree.  I didn't feel quite so bad about taking a low one, then.  This reminded me of how we got a bunch of mangoes in Brisbane that were hanging over the shuttle boat stop.
 Small world....This is another couple we met in our early cruising days in the Caribbean, Bobby and Leslie.  They've now sold their boat and just happened to live a short distance from Mike and Sue.  They were moving again to TX to start a new phase of their lives, but we got together for dinner at their house before they left.
 We stopped in Georgia on the way back up to YOLO to see Jason's brother, Eddie, and his new wife, Bev.  They have some gorgeous old live oaks with the hanging beards in their yard.
 This is a close up of the side of their home, made of "tabby".  Its a concoction of shells and clay and concrete that are made into slabs and used for walls.  The slaves in the area used to make their homes out of it. The rough texture gives the geckos a good hold for climbing, too.
 Our van at Eddie's on our road trip. Looks great for 22 years old, doesn't it?
 Jason, Bev, Eddie and Karen enjoy a lunch on the water at the River House in Brunswick, near the marina there.
 We stopped at the driftwood beach, too.  Hurricanes wash huge trees out into the ocean and the currents bring them back into the beach here on Jekyll Island.
 Eddie, Bev, and Jason looking out over the ocean.  A big car freighter is off in the distance and we watched it approach the channel.
 Lots of dead wood here that makes interesting seascapes.
 Karen on the driftwood beach.
 Bev having fun on the beach while the boys are yakking in the background.
Interesting old trees.
 A tractor tread from some large piece of machinery.  I imagine they had a big piece of equipment out here pulling trees out of the water and one broke down. This is all that was left on the beach.
 Some colorful bubbles that shone iridescent in the sun,
 My scribble in the sand, a temporary tattoo that we'd been here.
 Jason waiting on the sand for someone to help him get back up.
 Eddie and Bev on the driftwood beach.
 The big car carrier coming into Brunswick port, passing the point where we were watching.  Brunswick is a major car importation point.
 The island has many large mansions and this grand hotel.  Big money on Jekyll island,.
Downtown Brunswick, GA.  This street was made to look like the turn of the century for the film "Live By Night" with Ben Affleck.  I read that GA was the number one location in the world for filming recently.  Who'da thunk it?
 Eddie and Jason relaxing on a downtown park bench while we wait for Bev to get her hair done.
 We finally moved on from the southern hospitality of Georgia to that of NC, where we stayed with more cruising friends, Paul and Sheryl.  Jason and I crewed on their boat, Dog Star, as my first cruising experience as we brought the boat back from PR to NC via the scenic islands in between many years ago.  We're having a beer in the popular Raleigh Brewing Company microbrewery pub.
 The green thumbs manage to grow veges, flowers and herbs just outside their condo door.
 Karen trying to get a selfie on their  patio as we waited for Paul to grill us salmon and asparagus.  Yum.
 Paul mixing us some fabulous rum drinks.
 Sheryl in her kitchen.  She lets Paul cook when he's home on weekends.
 Jason watching the action in the kitchen from the breakfast bar.  A nice condo.
 Paul in his element in the kitchen, making up another batch of drinks. He made us sausage and gravy on  homemade biscuits for breakfast. Why did we ever leave?
Oh yeah, we had to return to YOLO.

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