Saturday, August 19, 2017

YOLO folks take a break

Jason and I needed a break from the heat and sweat and dirt in the boatyard.  We also needed to tend to the inventory left behind from his mother's passing away a few months earlier.  So we ordered some parts for the boat, and took off for Michigan again after a long day of working on the boat.  We detoured to Gloucester Courthouse (it's a city, not an actual courthouse) to return some unneeded supplies and to retrieve Jason's To Do list and headed for the cottage with a Little Caesar's pizza between the seats for road food.  We made it home for the 4th of July and this is our cottage.  Jason is up on the peak of the roof cleaning.

Our dock goes bye-bye.  This guy and his wife cruise the neighborhoods for stuff folks are throwing out and Jason offered them our old wooden dock.  They came and picked it up and took it away.  They later gave us a little sailboat that Jason thought might work as a hard dinghy for the catamaran.
A fire to get the coals for s'mores later.
 Jason with his new loppers, playing lumberjack.  He's going crazy cutting down limbs and trees.
 Jason is cleaning off the moss from the roof.  You can see the clean spot.
Jason cleaning moss on our roof peak.  The cottage is in pretty good shape for not being tended to for years.
You can see through the water to the sandy bottom.  

 We had a nasty storm blow through one afternoon and the neighbor's gutter was torn off when this limb from a pine tree next door broke off and fell on their roof.
 A view of our cottage and waterfront from the neighbor's dock.
 Looking down the waterfront from one neighbor's dock to the other neighbor's pontoon on their dock.  The shoreline in the photo is our frontage.
Looking back from the other dock.  We've left a greenbelt of unmown lawn along the water.
 My favorite bird feeder with the squirrel preventer milk jugs clamped to the pole.
 Jason before I cut his hair.
After the haircut.  Let cooler heads prevail.
Gettin' a bit thin on top, so he needs to wear a hat in the sun. 
 My hammock strung along the waterfront.  The strings are getting old and starting to break.  I bought it in Mexico at least 25 years ago, so I guess I got my money's worth.  Just hope I don't get dropped when the strings finally all break.
 All the fixings for S'Mores....YUM.
Stella's Mercury Mariner that we sold before heading back to VA.
We left the cool Michigan weather and headed back to the sweltering climes.  Ughhh!

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s/v Libertad said...

You are certainly making progress on both of your homes. Cute cottage on the lake!