Saturday, December 9, 2017

YOLO sold, Nov 2017

YOLO was still looking good, but the dust and bird poop weren't giving us much leeway.  We had to get the hose out and scrub the decks again.  I started waxing smaller parts of the gelcoat that I could do in little bursts.  Eventually I had the entire upper parts of YOLO waxed and polished again and she was getting even better looking.  Jason had gotten down to cleaning the edges of the windows with a toothbrush.  YOLO is in better shape now than when we bought it.  Do I really want to sell her?
YOLO tied up at the marina where she'll change hands after the sale.  Notice how high above the water line she sits.  They say every 1000 pounds is about an inch, so we now have about six inches above the water, so we figure we took about 3 tons of stuff off of YOLO. just adds up a little at a time.
The new buyer, Dave.  He came a day before closing to make sure the air conditioning and washer/dryer really worked as we didn't test them on the sea trial.  All good to go.
Karen and Jason, our last photo on YOLO before it was turned over to the new owners.  Dave and Lisa will rename her Unwritten Timeline, so cruisers might still spot her out and about over the years.
The van was so packed when we left Virginia we couldn't see out the back.  Thank goodness for good side mirrors.
Jason and Karen are now going to sail on other people's boats.  We're heading to Cartagena, Colombia to sail with Steve on his boat, Forever Young, a 53' Amel.  We'll probably stay in Colombia til the New Year and then head for the San Blas and Panama.  Ciao for now.  Adios, YOLO!

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