Saturday, December 20, 2008

Los Roques to Bonaire Dec 2008

The 'mobile' airport tower on El Gran Roque, in Los Roques, Venezuela

A fishing camp in Ave Sotavento, VZ, last stop before Bonaire. We got inspected by the Guarda Costas here--very friendly.

Looking back down the beach at the fishing camp in Ave Sotavento. Jason and Mike inspect the signpost on the beach--we were a long way from everywhere!

A Las Aves sunset....

YOLO at anchor in Las Aves, VZ. Karen went up the mast of Jus'Now to get the shot. Mike had some work to do up there and I volunteered to go up so I could also get a nice shot of YOLO.

That's Karen up the mast of Jus'Now, cutting away some line from the spreaders.

Sarquis Is, VZ outer islands

We anchored in the middle of nowhere behind the reef and it was awesome!
This was a little beach bar/grill at Francisquis in Los Roques. Lots of kiteboarders and wealthy Venezuelans were here, too.

The town on El Gran Roque (the big rock). We came back here 3 times to buy food and drinks and wandered up and down the reefs and islands all around this one. Beautiful!! The little kid below was having a ball blowing bubbles in his bucket when he wasn't grinning at me. It doesn't take much to be happy, eh?

A school of blue tang in the coral in Las Aves. We saw many of these schools and lots of other fish seemed to join in, too.

And it was nice to see such healthy corals and sponges in the bays.
Jason's first lobster. We ate him for dinner.

Another Las Aves Sunset

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