Thursday, December 29, 2016

YOLO in Tobago Nov 2016

We were too far away from everything for good photos so I just gave up after a few scenery pics.  This is the anchorage in Charlotteville, Tobago.  This is where our circumnavigation was complete!
You can see how far away we had to anchor from the town.  This is a deep anchorage and not really much room for yachts.  The local fishing boats have the shallows filled with their mooring buoys, so we are relegated to a long dinghy ride to reach town.  Good thing fuel is cheap here--about 65 cents/gallon.
Beyond that point we would hit Grenada if we sailed away.
A small cruise ship came into the bay twice while we were there.  Jason had lunch aboard with the Captain one day.
Pirate's Bay is the anchorage area where we are here.

YOLO in Guyana Oct 2016

We carried on from Surname to Guyana over land to see Georgetown.   Here, Jason is waiting at the ferry terminal for the boat to load

Sitting outside the 'duty free' shop, waiting to get on the ferry to cross from Suriname to Guyana.
Finally, we can board the ferry for the crossing.
We're crowded onto the ferry with the vehicles making the crossing.  Many of them ran their motors during the crossing so they could sit in their car's air conditioning, even though there were signs that said motors must be off while on the ferry.  The Police on board did nothing, even after folks complained.
It's a big river to cross, but pretty shallow.
The ferry dock on the Suriname side as we left.
We got stuffed into a minivan with eight others and drove to Georgetown.  This is a view of a pretty nice home along the road.
There were nice homes like this one right next to hovels all along the road.
One of the less impressive abodes.  The homes look like they are leaning because the iPhone is taking photos from a moving vehicle.

Local boats are pulled up onto the shoreline where the road crosses an inlet to the river.
You can see some of the fishing boats as we zoom across a bridge.
A pineapple fountain in the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown, Guyana, the capitol.
This memorial is made of bricks of glass.
The wall are a bas relief mural of scenes depicting work and miilitary service.
The chunks of glass were interesting to me.
Another set of ponds in the gardens.  The Botanical Gardens here were pathetic compared to many we've seen.
The zoo is also in the Botanical Gardens, so we went in.  These colorful red macaws created a bright splash of scenery.
A sloth sleeps all tangled up in itself here.
A closeup of this python through the fence.

His markings were pretty but I was glad he was on the other side of the fence.
He raised his head to say hello.
Very close view of his head.
A tapir.
The big cats were in old-fashioned concrete and steel bar cages.  Sad.
The attendants threw the meat and bones at their heads.  Mean men.
This big cat paced his cage non-stop.
This spyder monkey was quite a character, playing with his food.

A giant otter had a too-small pool to play in.
A wheelbarrow full of bones and innards were the meal for all these animals.
The otter screamed for his share of the meat and bones.
This sea eagle didn't have much room to fly.
The snake was moving about when we walked back past it.
I could only get half of it in a frame at a time.
Another snake in the yard.
An old wooden church in Georgetown,
A side view of the church.
Yet another view.  Not bad for a church from the 1800s.
Jason and Karen next to the exhibit of the giant sloth in the museum.
The attendant and receptionist were so proud of this giant from the past.
An interesting building
The colorful fake palm trees made this building stand out.
I love these old shutters on this one.
Jason admiring the growth in the park on the other side of the fence.
A statue of Ghandi in the park.
These clusters of red berries looked like the ones the monkeys along the creeks in French Guiana were eating.
The view of the port in Georgetown.
The filth next to the shore near the cargo ship wharf was disgusting.  No wonder yachts don't come here.
Another nice old church in town.
The designs of the various churches differ quite a bit.
A cactus adorned with empty drink cans.  It made for a festive decoration.