Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Zealand Jan and Feb 2012

Pohutukawa blossoms

Jason and Karen leaving Picton on the ferry back to Wellington, NZ

Jason set up to sew on the lawn at Marsden Cove Marina.

Marsden Cove sunset

View from Mt Parihaka above Whangarei
The sundial at Clapham's Clock Museum in Whangarei, NZ

Peter, the window guy working on the windows at the cruising club dock.  He was out to the boat at least 5 times as the windows leaked after install.
A little swallow comes to visit us in the river.  Unfortunately, they leave little presents all over the deck.
Marquetry on See Adler, a 70' Hinckley--beautiful woodworking.
Marsden Cove sunrise
Wood marquetry on See Adler
Karen at the boat swap with our stuff.  We sold a lot and made some money!  Like a yachtie garage sale.
Jason giving Jason final instructions on how to finish our aluminum dinghy.

The windows are back in.  That's Jason's survival suit holding it in.  But it still leaked....

Holding down the plastic over our windows.  We had every conceivable container used!