Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Antigua and Barbuda March 2009

Looking out nW from top of Bird Is., Antigua
The lagoon on Bird Is., Antigua where we landed our dinghy to climb to the top of the hill to see the holes in the rock below.

Looking down 100' thru a hole in the rock at the top of the hill on Bird Is. Antigua

Another 100' hole that anyone could literally step into: no signs or fence or warning at all. If we didn't know it was supposed to be there and hadn't seen other folks there before, we could easily have stepped into this freefall to the ocean below. Never in America!

The fishing complex at Parham, Antigua where we got water. We washed EVERYTHING in/on the boat and filled the water tanks to go!

Wild donkeys and horses on Barbuda. We could hear them braying all through the night but the donkeys never seemed to come to the beach. We did see the horses near the beach one afternoon. The locals used to race the horses on the beach on weekends. These were curious, but skittish, roaming the abandoned K-Club resort on a huge property with a huge beach. Never did hear why they closed down.

A Century plant. They bloom once and then the main stalk dies and hopefully, the little cacti land where they can grow. These stand out on the islands above most of the other vegetation.

Jason snorkeling to scrub the bottom of the boat to remove barnacles and slime. We gotta do it periodically.

You can see the bloom of disturbed sand behind this giant party cat that just noses itself onto the beach on Barbuda and disgorges passengers for a couple of hours of touring and playing on the beach. One reason the water is always so disturbed....

Barbuda Beach party

More beach party pics

Drinks on the beach at sunset in Barbuda

Barbuda Beach Party

Jason, Vytas, and Tracie at Low Bay, Barbuda

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