Wednesday, December 15, 2010

November 2010 Domincan Republic

Kim and Jason on Thanksgiving 2010. She promptly invited us to Thanksgiving dinner the day she met us!
A feed to Lake Enriquillo from the pools.

Jason ignores the heated discussions with the armed guards at the roadblock. He's busy chatting up the local women while the others try to persuade the guards to let Freddie through with us. Freddie is the Haitian girlfriend of our driver but the guards don't want to let her proceed .
Chief Enriquillo, for whom the lake is named.
The motley crew who went to see Lake Enriquillo.
The big beers come in their own mini wrappers to keep the sweat from dripping on us. A couple of rounds and then back into the car to try to make it past another checkpoint.

Lake Enriquillo, Dom Rep as seen from afar. We stopped for a rest and had our snack of chicken feet prepared traditional Haiti style. Mine was too slippery to hold on to and ended up on the ground. Shucks. You basically just slurp the skin off the toes.

"She's the one who caused all this trouble" Curtis is saying as he points to his Haitian girlfriend, Freddie. We had quite the ordeal getting through the armed roadblocks set up to keep Haitians from entereing the country. We had to leave Freddie at one to continue, then couldn't get back through them with her in the vehicle, either. It took us all afternoon to get back!

Pools at the head of Lake Enriquillo.

A few beer bottles behind the Club Nautico near where we anchored in Barahona, DR<.

They just drive these heavy treads along the road and traffic must swerve around them.

Curtis liked the pumpkin dip I made for Thanksgiving.

Jason and Karen Thanksgiving in Barahona, DR
Our Thanksgiving feast at the yacht club

New friends and their families enjoy the feast

The harbor at Barahona, Dom Republic

A coal pile to power a huge sugar factory in the distance. The ship's bow is out of the water but later that week, it was laden with sugar and left.

The yachts at Club Nautico in Barahona. The big trimaran is Kinky G, a project our fellow Americans are working on to rebuild into a tourist cat.

The local boats at the yacht club in Barahona

YOLO in Barahona, Dominican Republic

Cliffs as we approached Barahona. A definite line in red and white in the cliffside.

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