Friday, January 21, 2011

Grand Cayman Dec 2010

Tim and CJ on YOLO for happy hour.
Jason on watch.

Jason up on the mast steps. Notice our twin jibs in our 'twizzler' formation. It's a pretty unusual setup, but it seems to be working for us.
People and vehicles crowded onto the tiny dock area on the south shore of Gr. Cayman. The north winds made the main harbor in George Town unsafe and all boats, including the cruise ships had to move around to this tiny anchorage at Spott's Bay. Passengers stood in lines for hours waiting for buses and/or tenders to& from their ships. Ughhhh!

The tourist pirate barq as it heads towards another cruise ship to fire its cannons at it.
David, Jason and Joan at happy hour on YOLO.

Christian and Tim. Christian is from Chile and tried to convince me to visit him for his 2-day birthday celebration in early Feb. He was a charming guy and we had fun for a few days before they headed off in his new boat to get to Chile.

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