Saturday, December 24, 2011

Minerva Reef Dec 2011

South shore of Minerva Reef. If you blow it up and look at that dark patch, that is the coral bommie I was swimming towards when the shark chased me out of the water!

Dinghies behind YOLO for the party. The blue is so clear.

View from the top of the mast looking down at YOLO and the dinghy, OTIS.

Looking back at YOLO from the reef at Minerva Reef.

N Minerva Reef waters.

South end of Minerva Reef

Covering the holes along the tramps so the candy from the pinata doesn't fall through.

The party group at Minerva Reef.

Tamsyn on her 9th birthday. Her sarong and the pandanus fan were someof her gifts. We had her party on YOLO as it was the only place big enough to hold all the folks.

Tamsyn and her cakes on her 9th birthday on YOLO at Minerva Reef.

Group Jello slurp through straws. The noises were something remeniscent of a pig slop in progress. Kids thought it was great!

Is this all for me? He liked the chocolate cakes.

Mom, Carrie taking her swings at the pinata she made.

Even the adult guests got to whack at the pinata.

Griffin taking a swack at the pinata.

Tamsyn trying to whack the pinata on YOLO.

Group jello slurp through straws.

Tamsyn, Karen and Griffin at the birthday party, complete with paper crown made by Tamsyn.

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