Saturday, December 24, 2011

YOLO in Ha'apai Group

Ha'apai Library on Uoleva

Intersection in town. That's Jason in the flowers and our friends from Slip Away, Jan and Rich.

Karen reading on YOLO

The Customs guy on Uoleva. Note the mat skirt, a formal dress for men here.

Cute sign on a fence. Lots of folks have pigs they let roam around or keep in their yards for future dinners.

A Spanish Dancer nudibranch, about 4 inches long.

School of squid off Ha'ano

A clown triggerfish. Very cool markings!

A long view of the coral reef at Ha'ano.

These tiny electric blue fish dart into the recesses of the coral heads as we get close.

Spanish Dancer nudibranch.

Holding a Spanish Dancer in hand. They're very pretty when they undulate in the water. Teh undersides of the white frilly edges are bright scarlet or magenta.

A lion fish strutting his stuff in Ha'ano. Beautiful but deadly and they are a scourge on the reef fish

Clown triggerfish.

Anemone fish above anemone

Jan snorkeling above the edge of the reef.

Staghorn and other coral at the edge of the reef wall.

YOLO at anchor off Ha'ano, Tonga.

A pig in the wallow on shore at Ha'ano.

Ha'ano anchorage

Mushroom Rock at Ha'ano anchorage. We found Spanish Dancer nudibranch egg sacs just off of here. They look like red roses underwater.

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