Thursday, February 23, 2012

The sandbank pirate party. The party can only last 2 hours before and after low tide as the sandbank disappears--literally!
A huge sundial at the Clapham Clock Museum in downtown Whangarei, New Zealand. This is a favorite meeting spot in the town basin as it is visible and unique.
Jo and Rob on their 30th anniversary; the pirate couple.
Mt. Manaia in a cloud from our berth in Marsden Cove
Marsden Cove Marina sunset
An example of the marquetry on the Hinckley, See Adler.
A 12-armed starfish
This is the house where I lived when I was here 30 years ago! It's been painted and updated and they've torn the wisteria vine off the porch, but I was kind of surprised it was still a private home. Tiny back street in Parnell.
Rainbow Falls near Kerikeri
Rainbow Falls
A Pacific Sunset
Karen and Jason at Dale's on Christmas morning, 2011.
Dale in her garden hoeing.
Dale and Karen on arrival in Kerikeri in front of the Stone Store, the oldest building in New Zealand.
Dale's home on their 15 acres of heaven. This is the back of Dale and Stu's home.
The Blunsome family and Karen on Christmas morn 2011

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