Monday, November 12, 2012

Lautoka Fiji to clear out Sep 2012

Our last stop in Fiji was Lautoka, the Sugar City.  They have sugar mills that spew out sticky black soot when operating and yachties don't like to spend any more time there than absolutely necessary.  We spent one night there and headed off to Vanuatu the next day after loading up on meat here.  The meat shop is above.

This is a Chinese or Korean tuna boat at the wharf in Lautoka.  They were unloading frozen tuna carcasses from the boat into a container to be shipped somewhere.

 The frozen tuna coming out of the tuna boat.  They don't even look real...
 Crane loading the tuna from the boat into the container.

The sugar mill at Lautoka.  It was barely spewing anything when we were there (luckily) but we still got a thin layer of sticky soot on YOLO overnight.

 A pile of pine chips near the wharf.  You could smell the pine resin from the boat.
 A truck with a load of sugar cane making its way into the sugar mill.
 Our Fiji flag is worn out; must be time to leave Fiji.

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