Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oneata, Ono, Astrolabe Reef

Oneata was a quick stop of only 2 days in the Lau Group. Once we left there and visited Komo, we headed across the Koro Sea to the Kadavu area where we anchored at Ono Island and explored the Astrolabe Reef.
The snapper cubera we caught trolling out to the reef
 A table full of drying cucumbers.  They just started collecting them a couple of weeks earlier for export to the Chinese.
Jason with a couple of land crabs he caught on the beach.

Karen and Jimmy at lunch in Oneata

Una and Jason at lunch.  It was delicious!

Bronte with his palm frond smoker he built on the beach to smoke their fish.

Closeup of drying sea cucumbers.

Squid hanging out by the chain.  They like to hang out by our chain for some reason.  I have the squid jigs to try to snag them, but we've been warned that their ink stains the gelcoat and there isn't a great way to get them aboard without getting ink on the boat.  So we have bypassed the calamari.

When we got to Ono and the Astrolabe Reef, we had to do a scuba dive.  the prices were right and we were soooo glad we did.  We had an awesome dive in underwater caves, chasms, tunnels, and through and around rock formations.  A pod of dolphin followed the dive boat back to the anchorage, too.
 Karen and Jason on dive boat after our dives at Alacrity Rocks.  Awesome!
Karen and Jules on the rickety bridge on Ono.  You really don't get a perspective of just how scary this crossing was--each of the metal 'boards' bounced with each step we took, so only one person at a time could cross.

Karen with our divemaster.  What a set of teeth he had for smiling.

The hot spring pool on Ono.

Kava plants on Ono

Men and their knives.  Men go almost nowhere without their cane knives in hand. It would be like walking around town with a machete.

Locals on the rickety bridge.  They did admit that they sometimes have too much kava and fall into the river below.

A beach on Ono where we did our surface time between dives.

Red palms.  They are quite striking,

Another view of that rickety bridge.

Semi with the dogtooth tuna we gave to Sirius.  That's the boat owner, Mike in the background and we had lots of fun times on their catamaran.

A pig roaming on Ono.
This is our 5' wahoo we caught.  Yummy!

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