Friday, November 9, 2012

Viani Bay and Qamea

We headed East from Savu Savu trying to make our way to the Lau Group of islands, where the villagers are still living a subsistence living off the land and sea.  They are still living in a more traditional way.  Tourism wasn't really allowed in these islands until just recently; they were trying to keep the tradional ways alive and intact. On the way we snorkeled Rainbow Reef and then headed into Naivivi Bay on Qamea where we ran aground on some coral rocks.  The local guys helped lift/push us off and we were there for several days enjoying the local hospitality.

Bill and the tapa cloth gifts he gave us before we departed Qamea from the village of Vatusongosongo.

Karen enjoying some of the sugar cane Bill brought out as a welcome gift.

The school boat vs a school bus.  No roads here, so the kids get picked up and dropped off by boat every day.

The "Wishing Stone" at Vatusongosong.  Legend says men used to write their wishes on leaves and tuck them into holes in this rock so they would come true.

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