Monday, December 31, 2012

YOLO on Ambae and Meawo

Asanvari village on Maewo (pronounced My Foe) from our anchorage spot.  Not much happening here.

Marsden, selling hot bread rolls from his outrigger canoe.  We'd been told of his tasty hot bread and bought some.  It didn't even last until we could use it for lunch.

The waterfall onshore at Maewo.  Linda and I snorkeled ashore and dipped into the pool here at the base of the waterfall, but we didn't climb up to get to the bigger pool on top.  It was a cloudy day so we weren't hot enough to need a cool dip.

Another view of the waterfall at Asanvari on Maewo.
The island of Ambae is one of the few that lie in an east-west orientation.  With the predominant winds from the east, there aren't really many protected anchorages here.  A small dip in the shore pretends to be an anchorage,  but we only stayed overnight and then moved on.  This big spider was in the bushes along the shore of the village we wandered through.  We've seen these on many islands.

A cave in the rocky cliff face at the point between where we anchored and the main village.  There were tons of flying foxes/fruit bats hanging from the trees on this point.

A sunset on Ambae.  That's Chesapeake, our sailing buddy.  We didn't stay but the one night here as the shore was just a stone beach; luckily the wind was down and we could sleep.

A bundle of taro leaves someone has bought from a market.  They eat these almost daily; it's what poi is made from.  I think it's pretty tasteless and prefer almost any other root they serve to this.  But the leaves are used to make callaloo soup in the Caribbean and that is quite tasty.  Can't eat the leaves raw, though.  They will feel like you swallowed a handful of needles unless you cook the crap out of them!

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