Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Adelaide Jan 2013

We skedaddled to Adelaide from Coober Pedy when we found out our boat and it mooring had been dragged down the Brisbane River in the flood.  Jason flew back to Brisbane and got YOLO secured in a marina berth and flew back a couple of days later so we could finish our campervan tour.
Barossa Valley grapes....we'll get to them.

We caught a public bus from the shopping mall where we'd spent the previous night to the historic city of Glenelg on the water.  We then took the historic tram from the waterfront into downtown Adelaide and wandered about for the afternoon.
This is a huge Aboriginal mosaic work in a plaza.

Jason by another public sculpture in Adelaide
 A "black butt" tree outside a rock shop we stopped at.  I think it may be a variety of the baobab tree found in Africa.
 Black swans in the river in Adelaide.  The main river here is the Murray River.
More public art in the form of "paper hat" sculptures set in the Murray River downtown.

Historic Glenelg plaza on the water.

Jason modeling his new sweatshirt we bought in the shopping mall in Adelaide.  I got a teal one to match.

We drove out to Jacob's Creek vineyard for a tour.  Some of you may be familiar with their products. :_)  We had the guide to ourselves and tasted the different grapes on the vine here before retiring to the tasting bar to sip a dozen of their wines.  They had a breathalizer machine in the lobby by the bathrooms!  Good thing I wasn't driving when we left.
 We spent a few hours roaming the area and found this stone sculpture park on the hillside.
Karen next to a stone eagle head sculpture.
 Lounging women--Karen is the one with her clothes on.

Once we'd cleared the wine out of our system, we stopped at another "cellar door" for Langmiel Wineries.  They call the tasting rooms "cellar doors".  This ancient winery had some cool old buildings and some wine that matched their ages.  Here we are tasting a $100/bottle wine they just happened to have open that afternoon.

This is one of the old stone buildings on the Langmiel Winery property.

The famous Murray River

The actual Jacob's Creek on the winery property.  It's often just a dry creekbed as it is now.  It was a pretty location that the original winemaker just happened to like and named the winery after it.

The shredded tire that we finally got replaced in Adelaide.  Driving around the outback without a spare is just asking for trouble.

We toured the vineyards in the Barossa Valley area just NE of Adelaide just about a week before the grape picking began.
 Huge bunches of grapes hung ready for plucking in miles of vines here.  Just like posters.

Thousands of acres here are planted in grapes of many varieties.

Pretty pink grapes just before picking.

The dark blue-purple grapes become some of the finest red wines from Australia.

These grapes were tasty just plucked and popped into the mouth, too.  Imbibe responsibly.

Closeup of a red river gum tree bark.  I think it looks like plastic skin

The red river gum tree.  These trees indicate water below.

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