Friday, July 12, 2013

YOLO in Redland City Marina May 2013

YOLO's home for 3 months was where the pickup truck is now parked, at Redland City Marina.  They were building a brand new catamaran I the covered shed.

Our neighbor, Frank on Double Delight, was a treat to talk to, quite a character!  I hope he eventually gets his boat into the water, but he seemed happy to live in the boatyard.

Jason feeling strong, or happy? after painting.  Note the one stripe of new bottom paint and some big splotches.  Lots more dots of paint gave the bottom a polka dot look.

Our new dodgers to protect us from the elements.  A nice job.

The SeaLift machine that lifted YOLO up and out of the water.  A cool piece of machinery.

Some of the hull damage we had repaired while YOLO was on the hard here.  Big tree trunks and the chain scraping against the strong flood current from the Brisbane flood took the paint right down to the fiberglass, requiring professional repair in some spots like this.  But, she's all good now.

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