Sunday, March 9, 2014

YOLO visits the Singapore Zoo Oct 2013

We visited the Singapore Zoo while we were in Malaysia and these are some of my favorite animals there.
The polar bear was swimming laps in his air-conditioned pool area.  Those paws are huge and he looked quite sleek while paddling around.
We watched the seal show where the seal actually balanced a ball on his nose and did these handstands on command.  The kids in the audience squealed with joy when he splashed them.
The mahouts had the elephants working with giant logs to show how strong and agile they can be.  Magnificent animals and you can see that they treat them well here.  The elephants loved pulling carrots from their pockets.
You could buy a basket of fruit and veges to hand feed the elephants after the show.  Gimme an apple!
An alligator hung suspended on the surface, much like you'd see him in the wild. But under the water is a whole different view, eh?
This lion was using the huge tree as a scratching post, marking his territory.  He also pissed and pawed the ground nearby to mark it again.
He's rubbing his cheeks against the tree.  Their roars were surprisingly loud.
These apes were swinging and frolicking around on the vines.  They pretty much have free reign of the place.  They were quite vocal as they moved around, talking to each other,
Ain't he cute?  Such a woolly face and body.
We watched this elephant 'paint' a picture.  The attendant would hand him the brush and point where to poke it and he added flower prints to the pictures.  Elephant art hung all over the area and was for sale in the shops.  Even I could probably do as well, though!
Peppy little penguins are always a treat to watch.  They always look kind of silly.
The crocs and big fish through a glass wall.
The mole-faced rat statue.  There are animals (rodents, really) that actually look like this but they are pretty small.  You can see their activities in a glass-walled enclosure.  Ugly and icky, but bizarre enough to belong in a zoo.
These wart hogs are lazing in dirt the same color as them.
The white rhinos are another animal you can buy food for and feed from a stand on the side of their enclosure.  Tough guys.  Their elongated heads make my neck hurt just thinking about holding it up.
The orangutans were given burlap bags and they used them as raincoats when it began to rain here.  Smart apes.  Love those faces!
The cheetah struts his stuff behind glass.
A spotted ray in a pool.  We have seen these in our travels while snorkeling underwater.
The zoo has a great enclosed atrium for birds and bats and butterflies.  They never stop moving so getting a photo was tough.
A ring-tailed lemur also lived in the enclosure.  He was fascinated by his own feet and spent a long time cleaning them.  These tails are what make the cartoons so real.
Big fruit bats hanging in the trees in the enclosure.  They would come up to feed on pineapple or banana people would put out for them.
The Rafflesia flower, one of the biggest in the world.  It only blooms once a year and only for a night.  It puts out a stench of rotten meat and insects flock to pollenate it.  This was a replica.  The flower was named after an Admiral who came to Singapore--the expensive Raffles Hotel was named after him, too.
More wart hogs after the rain.  Those curling tusks make chiefly necklaces in Fiji, Vanuatu, and other Pacific Islands
The black and white tapir has a nose like an elephant's trunk tip.  Very weird looking.

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