Saturday, April 5, 2014

YOLO at Pangkor, Malaysia Oct 2013

We took the ferry across from the marina to Pangkor Island on a tour.  This cat is eating or drinking something on the roof of a shrine.
 We stopped at a seafood processing plant where they make seafood snacks.  This giant octopus was on the outside of the place.
 A couple of guys sitting at low tables cutting tiny fish and throwing them into baskets.  This is the source of the fish used to process into the snacks sold everywhere here.
 Jason and I dancing on the sidewalk after the rain at the dinner in Pangkor.
 It rained and the parade of cruisers with umbrellas tramping onto the site of an old Chinese fort caught my eye.  Cool lawn scaping too.
 A round window in the fort.  This is the view out the window.

Across from the fort, these guys were cooking roti for customers for 1 ringgit each.  That's about thirty cents.  The pastry/dough is tossed like pizza and then folded back up for a bit.  Then spread onto a griddle and cooked.  Quite yummy.

 The cook in his 'rain hat'.  It also serves as a hairnet.
 The roti cooking on the griddle.
 Before they are tossed onto the griddle... they toss them til they are big and flat and then onto the griddle.
 A shrine we visited on Pangkor.  It wandered all over and up a hill.  They had a pool with a 7' fish in it from the Amazon.
 Note the face on the rock in the scenery at the shrine.
 A gumboot for the men's room and a high heel for the women's toilets at the shrine.  Some Chinese cartoon that we don't get on the sign above. 
 That's Jason in the bright yellow shorts on a beach we visited during the tour.
 These tiny fish are laid out on netting next to the restaurant where we had lunch.  There are some tiny squid mixed in here too.
 Karen and Jason eating jellyfish crispies at lunch.
 Mick and Janice from Zoa and Dennis from Libertad.
 The certificate I created to give the manager of the Pangkor Marina.
A stilt building waaaay offshore.  NO clue what it was for.
 Jason along with Dave and Jackie from Jackster as we loaded the ferry to cross over to Pangkor Island.
 Burning coils at the shrine.
 Baskets of wooden boats we saw on the dock by the boat building stop.

 Cats gobbled up some of the fish on the corners of the netting near the restaurant.  They only nibble on the edges so they don't get chased awa

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