Saturday, August 30, 2014

More Perhentians Aug 2014

Fair warning, my friends.  Apparently, there is a monkey somewhere on the island of Perhentian Kecil and D'Lagoon resort is warning you.  We anchored the dinghy off their shallow beach and walked through the property to a path up and over the island to a beach on the other side.  This sign was near the beginning of the path through the trees.  We never saw the monkey!

 Jason looking around as we walked the sandy path across the island.
 A friend of friends, this guy George is a single-hander now and was the only other yacht we saw here near D'Lagoon.  We asked him to come snorkeling out to the Rawa group of islands for the day.  He grabbed his gear, a couple of beers, some snacks and jumped onto YOLO as we came along side his boat, Australis.

The other side of the island from D'Lagoon.  Those are the Rawa group of islands in the distance.  They were only 5 miles away so we took the mother ship out for the day to go snorkeling.
 Looking down the beach at another 'Turtle Beach' on Perhentian Kecil.  Lovely clear water with lots of rocky coral for snorkeling but not great for anchoring over here.
 Another posted warning near the beach.  There were only a few people here, and we didn't carry anything with us and didn't go snorkeling or leave anything on the beach, but it looked quite safe to us.  Perhaps they meant the monkey would steal stuff??
 Looking the other way from where the path led out onto the beach.
 Someone hung a coral wind chime from a tree on the beach....nice.
 A few coconut trees on these islands and we are surprised at how high up the hills some of them are.
 This is part of the resort of D'Lagoon.  We walked through the property to reach the path to the beach on the other side.  They keep the sand swept pretty clean here.
 The path we walked on was wider in some places and we saw signs saying 'ATV' which we presumed were the parts where these ATVs could get through the trees.
The beach view from D'Lagoon resort.
The resort restaurant/bar area.
Our dinghy awaits our return.  We tossed the anchor in deeper water before we left as we knew the tide was going out and didn't want to have to muscle it off the sand.
Jason sitting in the shade for a few moments before going back to YOLO.
Too bad the camera makes everything look so small and far away.  This is the bay where we were anchored on Perhentian Besar in front of the Perhentian Island Resort.
The supply ship for the resort unloaded tons of fresh food for the guests here.  They go to the mainland 12 miles west to get their market supplies.
Flats of eggs and other supplies being transferred to the resort via the beach.  A flat of eggs/one tray costs about 12 ringgits (about $4) for 30 eggs.  I always try to have one onboard as we go thru a lot of eggs on YOLO.  They are plentiful in every country we've been to so we get used to eating a lot of them.
A sculpture on the beach walkway at Perhentian Island Resort.  YOLO is out there in the distance.
You could rent one of these tiny A-frames for 150 ringgits/night.  They really are small!
The main jetty in front of the Perhentian Island Resort.  YOLO is just beyond it in this picture.  Gorgeous water and soft sand here.
Looking at the beach and water taxis from the jetty.
The jetty view looking the other way.   There are little shops and restaurants all along the rocky waterfront and resorts where there is sand.  Water taxis zoom in and around to transport tourists from place to place.
Another resort beach beyond the rocky point.  The main village is at that tip of land across the channel.
A walkway along the waterfront lets people move from one end of this resort beach all along the edge of the island on the channel side of this island.  This is looking back towards the PIR with a different perspective of YOLO there.
We just hung out for a while near the beach in a shaded cabana area.  What a life.

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s/v Libertad said...

good to catch up on what you've been up to. We are making progress across the Med and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We are in Croatia now, but will sail in a few days across the Adriatic to Italy.

You folks look like you are still enjoying yourselves too.