Monday, May 4, 2015

YOLO sailing to Veymandoo Apr 2015

Wow, we actually finally got to sail a little bit in the Maldives.  This close to the equator, not much wind stirs up and we motored much of our way through the chain of atolls.  Zephyr took these photos as we sailed towards Veymandoo one day.

 More proof that YOLO does actually sail sometimes.
 Karen admiring the boat builder's handiwork on Veymandoo
 The boat he is building.  A small, shallow-draft wooden boat to be used for local travel and fishing.  Note the supports for the work in progress.
 Nothing special really, but the yellow door of this abode looked interesting.  The streets are swept clean by the Muslim women each morning.
 The big supermarket in Veymandoo.  Note the woven string chairs outside.  These are unique to the Maldives as far as we have seen, but they've been everywhere here.
 A huge strangler figh tree and a fuzzy looking casuarina tree on Veymandoo.
 Many islands have homes and buildings made of chunks of coral rock like this one.  This is a pretty nice house for here.
 A closer view of the fig roots.  Reminds me of the trees that took over some of the temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
 Ain't he cute?  This little guy strutted across the top of a wall and disappeared. I think it's a chameleon.
Veymandoo is the island where Jason went adrift at 11:30 PM when the dinghy motor died as he was coming back from dinner with some locals he'd met one day.  He managed to paddle to shore in the lee of the breakwater from the harbour before he was blown or swept out to sea.  He ended up spending the night with some doctors from the hospital and he and the dinghy were towed back the next morning.  Not one of the better evenings for Karen, but Jason had a wonderful time talking with some doctors, the richest guy on the island who owned the ferries, and the cleric from the mosque.  All part of the adventures of cruising, I guess.

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s/v Libertad said...

I would have been so worried...I feel for you. Be safe out there as you head to south Africa!