Friday, December 16, 2016

YOLO in Iles du Salute French Guiana Sep 2016

We sailed from Jacare, Brazil up to St. Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana by taking the long route way out into the ocean rather than worry about counter currents nearer the shore.
We were accompanied by a large pod of dolphin for part of the way.
They like to play in the bow wave and jump and turn and look at us on their sides.
Lots in this pod.  Photos on the old iPhone are the best I can do here, but they would make some great shots with a real digital camera.
They stayed and played for over an hour!
Reaching the Iles du Salut in French Guiana.  This is Devil's Island, made famous by the movie Papillon.  I don't have a zoom, so you can't see the old stone penal buildings here.
There are still some old buildings on several of the little group of islands. here.  Looking back across the channel is the only hotel on one of the other islands.

We anchored off this rocky point in a tiny bay only big enough for one boat and then headed off the next day for the river town of St. Laurent du Maroni.

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