Thursday, December 29, 2016

YOLO in Tobago Nov 2016

We were too far away from everything for good photos so I just gave up after a few scenery pics.  This is the anchorage in Charlotteville, Tobago.  This is where our circumnavigation was complete!
You can see how far away we had to anchor from the town.  This is a deep anchorage and not really much room for yachts.  The local fishing boats have the shallows filled with their mooring buoys, so we are relegated to a long dinghy ride to reach town.  Good thing fuel is cheap here--about 65 cents/gallon.
Beyond that point we would hit Grenada if we sailed away.
A small cruise ship came into the bay twice while we were there.  Jason had lunch aboard with the Captain one day.
Pirate's Bay is the anchorage area where we are here.

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