Wednesday, February 22, 2017

YOLO in Martinique

YOLO in Martinique
Finally, we got some good fresh fruit and veges in a French country!  We got these personal sized canteloupe and some kiwi fruit and I thought they looked like big eyes staring back at me for breakfast.
We had guests over for dinner and we got out our mother-of-pearl fish gift from Indonesia for table decoration.
This church was built in Le Marin in the 1860's.  It makes for a nice view from the water.
A cliff of layered volcanic soil along the west coast of Martinique.

One of the bays along the coast showing one of the mountains on Martinique.  It's quite pretty once you leave the cities.
We stopped into this bay for a night as we headed back to St. Anne to await our friends' engine repairs.  A dreaded north swell was forecast for the next day, so we tucked into this bay just on the SW corner of the island.
The last time we were in St. Anne's there were maybe a dozen boats here.  Now there are hundreds!  Next door, Le Marin has even more.  Over 1500 boats call this home year round.  There were so many masts sticking up that it looked like someone spilled a box of toothpicks and they all stood on end.  Oh how the Caribbean has changed since we were last here.
These square-rigged sails are used on the local boats and they were getting ready to race.  Guys hang out on bamboo poles to counteract the sails.  Men acting as cantilevers/rail meat.  I know the feeling, as that is my job on our Hobie Cat at home
Big crystal chandeliers in that church in Le Marin.
A stone holy water basin just inside the doors of the church.
A funky tile wall on a building in Centreville, Le Marin.  If you walk a few blocks up the hill from the marina, this is the town of Centreville.
Another kind of tile here on another wall as we walked the town.
The knobs on the rectangular tiles are heads of different designs.
Different heads on different tiles.
No idea who made these or why they are like this, but it was certainly different.
A funky wall of different kinds/colors of wood along a street in St. Anne.
 Jason crossing the street in Le Marin/Centreville.  Once you get away from the waterfront, it's a quaint little town.
 Chesapeake, the boat of our friends from Berkley, CA. We followed them back to Le Marin for engine repairs.

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