Tuesday, December 5, 2017

YOLO break in Colo Aug 2017

I, Karen, took a break from the boatyard to head to Colorado.  My brother bought me a ticket to fly out and join him to drive to Farmington, NM for his daughter's wedding. My neice, Megan, was getting married and it was a great opportunity to see all the family for a quick week.  It had been four years since I'd been back to see any of them and it was too long! This is a family pic in front of my Mom's house in Colorado. Me, Tom, Chris are in the back row.  Jim, holding his son Scotty, and Mom holding Jim'd daughter Abby.
Tom's back yard.  He spray painted some pallets to make the flags that cover the utility boxes along his fence.  Clever!  And pretty.
Dad bought me lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I can never get enough Mex when in Colorado.
Me in a Cheetos fake beard. We all tried it on for laughs.
Brother Jim is a Batman fan extraordinaire.  He even has the Batman tattoo on his arm.  This BatMoose emblem was special for me as his nickname for me is Moooooooose. It came from watching the credits on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Watch it and see if you don't laugh.
Mom in the beard flashing the peace signs.
Me, Tom, Suzy, Mom with Jim, Scotty and Holly in back on Tom's back deck.
Tom and I drove his new Ford 150 truck over Wolf Creek Pass on the way to Farmington. It's a gorgeous view!
The chipmunks look for crumbs from the tourists who stop to enjoy the view.
Colorado has such beautiful vistas.
The mountain scenery is always a draw to Colorado.
Tom and his grandson, Lucas
Jerimiah, Lucas' big brother.
Megan and Tom, bride and father just before the wedding.
Megan and Randy after the ceremony.
Randy and Megan LePlatt, now husband and wife.
Jim, Tom, Dad, Randy, Megan, Mom, Chris, and Karen.  A rare family gathering.
The Lynch mob with Mom.
Tables of scrumptious goodies for the reception.
Megan and Randy at the reception.  We all had a good time.
Scotty in pop-out eyeball glasses, back at Mom's in Aurora.
It was a quick visit, but it was so good to see the family again!

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