Tuesday, December 5, 2017

YOLO goes to Annapolis Boat Show Oct 2017

As soon as we decided to head back to VA to get some work done before we went to the boat show, the weather decided to pack it in, also.  We left MI on my birthday and drove back to VA to work for a week before heading up to Annapolis.

My friend, Chandler, lives in Arlington and again offered up his home for our accommodation while we visited the boat show in Annapolis.  I met Chandler in Queenstown, New Zealand over 35 years ago.  He had dark hair then, but is still a sweetie with a generous heart.
Chandler arranged a dinner party for the night of our arrival and invited a few friends that I hadn't seen in decades.  Paul and Jason tuck into the food.
Paul, Karen, Anne and Chandler at dinner.
Hugs are always good!
Some very unusual colored berries on a vine as we walked in Arlington.
Jason and I volunteered at the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) booth to drum up new members.  It's a great organization, is non-profit, and has amazing resources all over the world that we can tap into for help and/or information.  It happened to be located across the dock from the Hendrick's Gin tent, so I had a free taste of a few of their cocktails.  Cucumber-basil smash was my favorite.
The Hendrick's Gin artwork is Victorian and their equipment set up to create the gin cocktail recipes looked like it came from the same era.
YOLO at the boatyard dock, ready for a sea trial.
Karen's basket of shells and treasure items remained as a pretty prop during the sale period.
Jason taking a break.   YOLO is as clean as she's ever been.
When we returned from the boat show, we had some folks interested in viewing the boat and taking her out for a sea trial.  We didn't want to haul her back out afterwards so we moved around to the Deltaville Boatyard and Marina on the other side of Stingray Point.  The marina was demolishing their old, covered docks and replacing them with new, floating docks.  The steam shovelwas ripping down the structure over the covered berths.  A new pumpout and fuel dock will be part of the renewal, but the demolition work restricted the space available.  most of the yachts have now left for the Caribbean or are locals being hauled out for the winter or being tied up in their slips.

YOLO at anchor in Jackson Creek in Deltaville after the sea trial.  You can see the waterline is now well above the water.
Cosmos is the boat we sailed to Bermuda on and sailed in the Chesapeake on with our friend, Ted. He has property just up the river from Deltaville and we took a side trip to go see our friend's property and the boat.  He'd said we could tie up YOLO here if we wanted to, but it is even farther out of the way than the boatyard.  Poor Cosmos has been left idled here for years now and the wear and tear and non-use is starting to take its toll.
Cosmos from the shore.
A pretty tree starts to show the fall colors here.
Karen and Jason selfie on YOLO

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