Sunday, September 8, 2019

YOLO August at Higgins Lake 2019

August is usually the warmest month here at the lake, but it's been a cool summer for the most part.  Here is a morning mist, with the cool air making wisps of fog in the sunrise.
Jason being domestic and hanging laundry on the lines to dry.

 The fog over the lake makes the entire far shore disappear.  So still and grey.
 This tiny bunny was injured and just sat in the front yard.  Dogs came to sniff it and it just stayed put.  Poor little guy died later on, but he sure was cute.
 Our first tiger lily bloom of the year.
 This squirrel is about at his limit of stretching to reach the suet cake in the holder.  Silly squirrel.>ven if he gets a bite, he's gonna drop once he lets go.
 Another foggy morning in the hills along the highway.
Jason and I sewed the cover for our friends' pontoon boat.  It had ripped its entire length along two seams.  It's good as new now.
 We saw this truck try to make a turn and just plow into the stop sign/street sign and up onto the pole.  He'd just bought the truck and was driving with a medical boot on so he claimed he couldn't hit the brake pedal properly.  Jason helped push him off the pole and we called the cops to report it so the stop sign got replaced.
The pileated woodpecker, the largest in the world, frequents our feeder.  He can knock a big chunk of suet out of the feeder and makes quick work of a full cake.
This great grey heron came stalking across our front yard one morning, too.
 He's a good-sized bird.
 With a long beak.  He's supposed to be at the shoreline catching little fish with that thing.
 Already a touch of red in the swamps around here.
 Autumn won't be far now, as these trees are starting to show a bit of color already
 Our illustrious road commission decided to move the power lines across the street and put up new poles instead of burying the lines.  Dumb.  And they then proceeded to cut back 50' of perfectly healthy trees and chip them into tiny pieces so they could plant new power poles.  What a travesty. This machine drags full trees to the chipper.
And this chipper grinds up trees up to a foot in diameter and shoots the bits directly into the back of this semi truck to take to the chipboard plant.

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